Our Mission:
…is not impossible. We aim to change the world, one panty at a time, by providing intelligent, empowering, and original products for you, the daring. We offer an alternative vision of sex, spirit, self, creativity, and culture. WACKYJAC is more than an underwear nation — love, sex, and freedom are sisters in happiness! Our customers are out there.

Our Philosophy:
WACKYJAC is for all women unto themselves, fearless of consumer culture, aligning with powers well beyond the mainstream. Not defined by television. Cultivating creative expression. Always be true to yourself. Be Free. We are an independent, woman-owned company with a unifying statement: Love your body.

Our three pronged (BODY LOVE) vision is erotic, political and witchy. FREE LOVE – Love your body. Honor your lust, Respect others. SUBVERT THE DOMINANT UNDERWEAR – Love your body. Live your OWN vision. Laugh, Be political. Feminism is forever. WITCHES ARE SEXY – Love your body. Sex is sacred. Mystery is sublime.

To all our beloved customers and fans and soon to be converts, WACKYJAC is a Certificate of Self-indulgence. For all bodies, all beautiful, sealed with love, signed with freedom.

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